Lead from the Heart Summit Presenters

Cindy Van Arnam

“The Lies You’re Being Told in the Spiritual Spaces”

Bio: Cindy doesn’t play by the rules, she rewrites them.  With a fearless spirit and a determination to shatter the status quo, she leads the charge in helping intuitives get paid for their gifts.  She doesn’t see problems, only opportunities, and with a knack for turning chaos into clarity, she is the go-to expert in simplifying the online space for sustainable revenue.

Having a background as a project manager and a virtual assistant, alongside a deep awareness of Universal Laws and numerology gives her an edge when it comes to supporting her clients. She’s not all strategy, and not all woo either. She bridges the gap between worlds, helping you solidify a sustainable plan that helps you combine all of your modalities into a cohesive offer that sells.

She helps you find your truth, integrity, and authentic voice, all pulled together in a sandbox for your intuition to play in. Instead of offering one-off sessions, devaluing yourself, and throwing offers up in the hopes that something might stick, perhaps it’s time for you to come home to your true potential and pull everything together to express your true magic.

She is a conscious channel for the Book of Life and the Universal Law of Divine Timing. She is a Master Book of Life Numerologist, the Life At Full Blast Podcast host, and a Divine Timing Business Strategist.

Website and Social Media: 


Julia Christine

“Life After Breath – Why a Breath Practice”

Bio:  Julia Christine is the host of the Life After Breath podcast where she uses a morning breath practice as the entryway into discovering an awareness of ourselves, so that we can move into complete wellness. She has helped hundreds of people change their habits and find success losing weight and discovering a sense of self. Julia is passionate about breaking down the societal and generational structures and narratives that keep us stuck, and takes an approach of curiosity and exploration… without judgment.

Website and Social Media:

Here are a few ways to connect, if you’re interested in learning more or working with Julia:

Julia’s “Fall in Love with Yourself” Bath Ritual is the perfect way to start the process of truly loving yourself, and therefore truly knowing yourself


Check out the Life After Breath podcast (available on all your favorite podcast platforms)

Life After Breath on Apple Podcasts

Then join the Life After Breath Community on Facebook – loads of extra content and coaching opportunities!

Life After Breath Podcast Community | Facebook

Try a free 20 minute Chemistry call to see if she’s a good fit to help you live the life of your dreams


You can also find her on IG @juliachristinehealth and on Facebook as Julia Christine. 

Laura Ordile

“Accessing Your Heart’s Desire by Trusting in Change”

Bio:  Laura is a certified NLP practitioner and master hypnotist, as well as a professional intuitive and astrologer. She uses that unique combination of skills to help you tap into the success of big changes you want in your life quickly and easily, and you get to hold onto your sanity and soul as you go! As a Mindset Mentor, she knows that when you change your mind, you’ll change your life. And she does that with a mix of the practical and the woo in a way that is designed specifically for you! 

Laura has a podcast called The Change Gang as well as other supportive services available at the links in the show notes.

Website and Social Media:  


The Change Gang Podcast

Laura Ordile Free Downloads

You can also find her on IG @lauraordile

Dawn Renee Bova

“The Healing Power of Creativity, Forgiveness and Radical Self Love”

Bio:  Dawn Bova is a soulful artist, teacher, and author who’s making waves with her intuitive painting and heartfelt expression. Her work has been featured in galleries and publications, including MADS Art Gallery and Subkit Magazine. She’s also host of the Catch Some SoulShine Podcast, where she shares her wisdom, insights, and healing practices with fellow artists and creatives who are shining bright despite life’s challenges.

Dawn is an international best-selling co-author, of 2 books: “CreativeLife Book” and “radical self-love” reaching #1 status in several countries and categories on Amazon. As a nurse practitioner specializing in recovery and mental health wellness, she’s a compassionate advocate for those impacted by substance use, mental health illness, and grief. She’s been an active spokesperson for OhioCAN Change Addiction Now, working to destigmatize addiction and provide hope and healing.

Website and Social Media: 


Fb/Insta/Tiktok @dawnreneebova

Laura Parkinson

“Tapping Into Your Heart’s Power”

Bio:  Laura is a certified, highly advanced EFT tapping practitioner and trainer.  As a previous social worker who specialized in working with young adults in trauma recovery, she is now utilizing her vast experience and healing modalities to help deeply feeling women blast through years of pain and emotional turmoil so that they can see how divinely created they are and start living life from this ultimate truth.

She is also a certified quantum and practical numerologist, universal laws coach, mastering the brain game facilitator, and founder of her coaching business called self love rebel.

Website and Social Media:  


IG @self.love.rebel

Bunny Love-Schock

“Walking Through the Portal of the Heart”

Bio:  Ordained “Mother of Scotland” by the United Nations, Rev. Bunny Love-Schock, Somatic Embodiment Coach and Podcast Host of Whisky Made Woman. Helping heart led entrepreneurs and messy action takers make magick in the world.  The themes of my work are Love – Manifestation Mastery – Heart Healing – Business Energetics. 

Abundance, manifestation, love and money work is nervous system work. If your inner world is out of balance, your outer world will be too.  You don’t need to burn out to find the way. You don’t need to hustle more or be more productive. You don’t need to harden up. You can live a soft, beautiful, relaxed, loving life and teach others to walk the same path in their way.

Website and Social Media:


IG, FB and Tiktok @loveschock

Ursula Goadhouse

“Heart Centered Mindfulness”

Bio:  Ursula is a certified hypnotherapist and an MSW.  She specializes in helping people break out of old, outdated beliefs, traumas, depression, anxiety, and grief. She teaches skills and tools for self-empowerment and self-love. Other areas of expertise are self-confidence, weight reduction, life transitions, expanding intuition, and creativity to help you be your most authentic self.

Website and Social Media:


Ursula Goadhouse, MSW, CH
Love Heal Create Hypnosis, LLC
Psychology Today Profile

David Yoder

“Heart Memories”

Bio:  Dr. David Yoder discovered throughout his education he wanted to be a doctor to help those in need. Dr. David Yoder began a pre-medical course of study. He was granted a full ride scholarship by the National Institutes of Health(NIH) at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan to pursue a special M.D.-PhD program. Going through this program Dr. Yoder soon realized that his analytical brain was being stimulated, but his heart was not into it. He needed to find a different philosophy that incorporated natural healing principals.

On a summer break Dr. David Yoder interned with Dr. Karl Johnson who mentored Dr. David Yoder on how the mind-body connection was really through the human nervous system. As he became a patient to learn this first hand he soon noticed how much healthier his own body became. But what was more important was the concept that the body can heal itself and that western medicine was really designed for crisis care and not “health care”. With that in mind Dr. Yoder began to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Upon graduating from Life West Chiropractic College in the San Francisco bay area he moved to San Diego with his family.

Website and Social Media:


Anne Barclay-Morgan

“Living from the Heart”

Bio:  A multidimensional healer, Anne-Barclay Morgan holds a PhD and MA.  She is a writer, artist, shamanic teacher, intuitive, evidential medium and channel. Every aspect of her life as a writer, artist, shamanic teacher, intuitive, evidential medium and channel exemplifies living from the heart. As a 7 year survivor of stage 4 metastatic cancer, all of her health choices on her intense healing journey were made from the heart.  The energies she chose to surround myself with and the projects she embarked on were all from the heart. In her presentation, she shares pivotal moments of her own healing journey, as well as potential stumbling blocks in the healing journey of a client.

Website and Social Media:


IG @inspiration_for_lifes_journey
Tiktok @inspiration_journey

Victoria Shaw

“Leading with Your Heart Means Trusting Your Inner Wisdom”

Bio:  Victoria Shaw, PhD, LPC is an Intuitive Counselor and spiritual guide who combines her ivy league training in psychology and counseling with generous intuitive guidance. Victoria is the host of the Intuitive Connection podcast, and the founder of Cactus Blossom Retreat in Escondido, California. 

Website and Social Media:


Cindy Blaser

“My Journey Back to the Heart”

Bio: My vision is for us all to live with more clarity, courage and ease so we can share our authenticity and enjoy more meaningful connections in our lives.  I use the following modalities to help you live your vision: intuitive life coaching and mentoring, energy clearing and balancing, meditation and breathwork, holistic wellness, intuitive art.

Website and Social Media:

Cindy can be found on IG @cindy.blaser or via her website cindyblaser.com

Mielle Fox
Collaborator for LFTH Summit

“The Uniqueness of Humanity with the Commonality of the Divine”

Bio:  Mielle is a multi-faceted expression of her soul.  Her mission statement in this lifetime is to share awareness and channel love to shift the collective one heart at a time.  She has always shown up in a capacity of service, initially in a health career for over 30 years and now offers additional support through aligned wellness mentoring, as an energetics awareness navigator, a certified EFT practitioner and an advanced numerologist.  She has created a podcast called Energy of the Untamed Heart where she explores what hinders us as humans from really hearing the whispers of our wild heart as well as how we can use the language of love and energy to walk our way home to who we are at our deepest essence.  She is an avid equestrian and shares her love of horses to help teach the nature of heart resonance to others.

Website and Social Media: 

You can follow Mielle on FB and IG @miellefox

Her website with all kinds of support services is foxdenenergetics.com

She offers a private support FB group called fox den energetics

Energy of the Untamed Heart Podcast is available on all listening platforms

She offers a monthly free virtual meet up called Unconditionally You in which the topics for conversation vary month to month as well as a free Whispers of Your Heart Clarity Call to hone in on your possible blindspots and bring awareness to your life.

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