Learning from Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Learning from Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Given the marvelous opportunity to study with spiritual teachers via zoom, my husband and I watched Andean Shaman Puma give an introduction to his forthcoming class. Filmed and broadcast live from the outdoor landscape of deep valleys and the magnificent mountains of Peru, here was Puma at 13,000 feet while we were at a mere 177 feet engulfed by trees rather than vistas. 

Having been taught by his grandfather since the age of six, (we later find out, he was taught in secret even from his parents until the age of 14), Puma radiates the central teaching of his lineage, that of unconditional love. His smile is irresistible! I find myself beaming back, even though only the computer screen witnessed it.

I am hooked. That profoundly genuine smile, his demeanor and tone of voice, his loving kindness when answering questions, I feel that Puma is a kindred spirit. He radiates a positive attitude and is dedicated to helping his family, friends, community, and now his global community. I could cite differences such as living in a landscape that I’ve only seen in art history books, with an ancient language (Quechua) and culture (vastly predating the Incas). I might add that for all my travels, I have never been to South America. And yet, underlying all those differences was the deep underlying truth and teaching of unconditional love.

In those 7 sessions with Puma, we learned practices (he calls them ceremonies) for everyday, both for our own healing and well being, and for our family and our community. For me, the ceremony for Mother Earth, known affectionately as ‘My Mother Pachamama’, was the most profound, it felt like a meaningful way to say thank you for sustaining me and us all. Yet, I return to Puma’s smile, the greatest teaching. When I find myself getting caught up, say, in physical aches and the endless to-do lists, I can see his smile and just smile back. 

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