More Sources of Inspiration

More Sources of Inspiration

Caring Bridge

We use this site to keep family and friends informed about my healing journey, which means I do not have to repeatedly talk or write about updates and can focus on healing. My husband writes most of the highly entertaining and informative posts, each including 5 photos, to which friends and family add their comments. I reread them often as they provide a huge level of support.

For more information on Caring Bridge click here.

Life Extension

The articles explain different treatment modalities that helped me understand how they work, and explain which supplements could support my healing journey. I continue to use a number of their supplements.

For more information on Life Extension click here.

Cured: The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing

I find it very inspiring to read case studies of spontaneous healing, summarized and analyzed by Dr. Rediger of Harvard Medical School.

For more information on Cured: The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing click here.

Insight Timer

This marvelous app offers meditations, guided visualizations and music for sleep, relaxation, calm, anxiety, healing, mindfulness. I have used it often at night when I cannot sleep, or when I need to focus my mind on healing.

For more information on Insight Timer click here.

Suzanne Giesemann

I find these free meditations, profound and deeply inspiring.

For more information on Suzanne Giesemann click here.

Jim McCarty- Walking in the Wild Land

I find this marvelous CD to be very creative and uplifting.

For more information on Jim McCarty- Walking in the Wild Land click here.

Jim McCarty- She Walks in Beauty

A new book by friend, Jim McCarty, about his own spiritual journey.

For more information on Jim McCarty- She Walks in Beauty click here or here.

Meal Train

I wish we had known about this wonderful, free resource.

For more information on Meal Train click here.

Lori Kingsley

Lori offers fantastic energy healing sessions. I highly recommend her.

For more information on Lori Kingsley click here.

Friend For Life

Friend For Life is a cancer support network I recently learned about.

For more information on Friend For Life click here.

The Luminist

The Luminist calls attention to death, grief, and loss to help us console better, suffer less, and live more vibrant lives. I learned about the site through a magazine article.

For more information on The Luminist click here.

The Awakened Way App

The Awakened Way App by Suzanne Giesemann

For more information on The Awakened Way App click here.