Novel_Cover_208Bending Destiny

Discover Barbara Mahoney’s village and community through her eyes; the special events she likes to meddle in and the myths she avoids at all cost. She runs into two men, one to steer clear of and the other to moon over.  Yet change is not part of her vocabulary; she likes things just the way they are.  And what about bumbling Horatio Caesar or Patrick whose culinary creations draw too many to him? Then there’s burly Tom Bates who argues with her about nails and hammers and all the things Barbara likes best. And what about seeing a ghost, or even two? It just can’t be! Not in Barbara’s world!

Known behind her back as Bossy Barbs, she must confront the legacy of her parents’ death as well as those pesky myths and decide where she belongs. When a hurt dog enters her reluctant care, who is she becoming? And does she have any choice whatsoever in her destiny?





“The novel Bending Destiny is engaging from begining to end. Anne Barclay Morgan is a brilliant writer! I loved how she created such a special community and I became very attached to the characters. There is so much one can read between the lines.”

Sandra Ingerman, Author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

Bending Destiny can be enjoyed on many levels. I was fascinated by the rich and imaginative use of names, and the uncanny doubles, which made me ponder just what the nature of person is, and how we make sense of others.”

Ann Wehmeyer, Associate Professor University of Florida