One of the joys in life is discovering more about yourself, who you are and your relationship to life in all its aspects. One major tool for self-discovery is experience; having varied experiences and friendships that offer insights.  More structured paths of self-discovery include therapy from a trained therapist and self-inquiry starting with the question ‘who am I?’ Many of the spiritual teachers referenced in this section address that question.

Other methods include astrology.  Many turn to astrology to find out about the future, but it can also be a powerful tool for self-discovery.  Two different but in my view complimentary systems are Vedic and Western astrology. Useful questions to ask include ‘what does my chart indicate about my life purpose?’

Past (and Future) Life Regression and Card Readings are further methods of exploration.  Psychic readings with qualified mediums have been powerful tools of self-discovery in my own life.

Resources for Self Discovery

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