Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval can be done in person or by way of long distance through the telephone. Soul Retrieval is a very powerful healing technique in which you receive back into your body your own pure life essence. You need to schedule a healing session when you have the time and space to absorb the healing. A Soul Retrieval healing session usually lasts up to two hours. The time you take for yourself after a healing session is very important for assimilating the changes and listening to your body and inner self.

For at least one week prior to our session, you need to ask for a dream or dreams that will show you how to receive the healing. Ask this of yourself just before going to sleep. When you wake up, record your dreams, even if they are just fragments or do not appear to be healing dreams. We will begin our healing session with discussing these dreams. In preparation for Soul Retrieval, it is also very important to abstain from alcohol and mind altering drugs 24 hours before and after our session.

We will begin our healing session with discussing your dreams. We will talk about issues that are currently affecting your life and then begin with the Soul Retrieval. The process is the same for long distance healing or working in person. You need to lie down in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. After you lie down and make yourself comfortable, it is important to remain open to receiving your pure life force. The soul part or parts will be blown into your chest and into the top of your head. When the soul part or parts are back in your body, I will then tell you what energies are back with you.

After Soul Retrieval you may experience the great joy of a wonderful birthday. You may feel part of your body that you were not aware of before. You may also feel emotions well up. Sometimes, when there have been energy blocks, your own pure life essence can push through them. So you may suddenly experience emotions that you have repressed. The process can be like a cleansing.

After finishing the healing session, it is very important to allow change to occur in your current life. For example, if you received your own soul energy from when you were five years old, you may suddenly find yourself wanting to go to a playground and swing on a swing. You may find yourself wanting to eat certain foods or do activities that you have not thought of in a long time. You may have particularly vivid dreams after Soul Retrieval. It is important to pay attention to them and allow for change in your life by making these soul parts feel welcome. It usually takes two weeks for a full integration of your soul energy.

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