Anne Barclay Morgan

Anne Barclay Morgan

Writer, Artist, Healer, Teacher
Background and Experience

Anne Barclay Morgan is a writer, artist, and shamanic teacher/healer. She lives in Florida with her husband, Brent.

Anne was born in Washington, D.C. The daughter of State department executives, Anne grew up on four continents attending schools and universities in three languages, immersed in vastly different cultures. In Vienna, Anne received her baccalauréat (with a concentration in physics, math, and chemistry) from the Lycée Français de Vienne and her doctorate in psychology (statistics and research methods concentration) from the University of Vienna.

While doing research at the Children’s Hospital of the University of Vienna, she became intrigued by the ability of children to quickly overcome challenges and express issues through art and play experiments. That research and subsequent positions culminated in publications in journals such as Epilepsy and Behavior, Perceptual and Motor Skills, Pädiatrie und Pädologie, the Journal of Educational Statistics, and the Journal of Research on Crime and Delinquency.

Always making, and at times exhibiting, art, Anne later earned a master’s in Art History from the University of Florida and embarked upon a second career as an art writer and critic specializing in contemporary art. She has published 230 essays, articles, and reviews in professional journals and international art magazines, including Art in America, Art News, Sculpture, Garden Design, and Camera Austria. Anne also wrote, directed, and produced documentaries about contemporary art, including Video Art and Virtual Reality.

Over time, Anne’s interest in spiritual development grew and became a primary focus, leading her to study and practice shamanic techniques, widening her understanding of the importance of healing the body/mind/spirit. Then an astonishing stage 4 cancer diagnosis and the path she traversed led to a true flowering of all she had learned about healing, strength, and the power of a positive attitude.


Growing up, Anne experienced all major world religions. Her friends, their families, and her mentors and teachers were Christian (Protestant and Catholic), Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist. As a child, she learned to pray at Shinto shrines in Japan; living in Africa, she witnessed diverse ceremonies and learned about different faiths. She later studied with 2 Native American teachers from different tribes. Meeting extraordinary spiritual teachers opened her mind and heart to the commonalities between these teachings and the beauty inherent in faith.

Direct spiritual experiences have served to open up Anne’s understanding even further. The sense of wonder and awe in all of nature, of which we are a part, moves her deeply, as well as the heartfelt sense of Oneness, the Divine, Spirit, Love, and Universal Consciousness just beyond what she can see.

Anne’s Path as a Healer/Teacher

Anne studied with Reverend Eloise Page of Cassadaga, Florida, starting in 1989, focusing on Natural Law and developing her intuition.

Always drawn to the wisdom in nature, Anne’s ongoing studies with shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman began in the early 1990s with training in shamanic healing techniques, including Soul Retrieval and Extraction, Death and Dying, Transfiguration, and Healing Ourselves and the Earth Through Transmutation. Anne taught groups about shamanic journeying and transfiguration for many years. 

Anne also studied with Native American teachers Beautiful Painted Arrow or Joseph Rael (Southern Ute, Picuris) and Oh Shinnáh Fast Wolf (Apache, Mohawk). In 2020-2021, she studied with the Andean shaman Puma Fredy Quispe Singona.

Other healing modalities Anne is versed in include Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET and NEAT), used to uncover the emotional components of pain and release unhealthy or unhelpful emotions and attitudes. She was certified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2011.

Anne Morgan is a dear friend and has assisted me in a Five-Day Soul Retrieval training back in the 1990s.

Long shamanic practitioner and teacher Anne Barclay Morgan offers inspiration for life’s journey, and inspiration for a healing journey on the website Short videos offer sources of inspiration and practical insights gained from her psychology background, long time shamanic practice, and living a healing miracle from a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.  The website also offers short meditation videos of the ocean, and images from gratitude walks by the sea.  
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