Background and Experience

Art Critic

Background and Experience

Anne Barclay Morgan received her doctorate in Psychology specializing in research methodology from the University of Vienna, Austria, in 1977.

In addition to a minor in Education, she completed the requirements for a minor in Art History. Concurrently, she pursued studies of Sculpture and Ceramics at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, and Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. She also attended Sculpture master classes in the Summer Academy in Salzburg and studied Printmaking.

In 1990, she received her MA in Art History from the University of Florida, specializing in modern and contemporary art. She has written catalogues, articles and reviews and lectured extensively about art and art criticism and conducts workshops for artists and students on writing artist statements. Among the magazines that publish her writings are Art in America, Art News, Art Papers, Camera Austria and Sculpture, for which she is a contributing editor.

Southeast Representative for the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), she has organized regional meetings for art critics and also has written, directed produced award-winning documentaries on contemporary art.