Spiritual Teaching

Spiritual Teaching

Learning how to do a shamanic journey can be viewed as learning another form of guided meditation. By allowing the analytical brain
to focus on a regular beat, such as the beat of a drum or rattle, the intuitive brain can emerge and thereby allowing for the experience
of extraordinary insights, perceptions and wisdom. This is a very effective way of empowering people to find their own answers to questions in their lives.

App for Shamanic Journeying
The Shamanic Journey Timer app in the itunes store allows you to choose a regular drum beat or that of a rattle, in the cave or desert environment, and allows you to set the amount of time you have for
a shamanic journey.  The app includes the regular beat for journeying as well as the faster-paced callback. A power animal will appear at the start of each journey. In addition to whatever intentions you had for your journey, you can ask whether this particular animal has a message for you.
Shamanic Journey Timer

More information about Spiritual Teaching:
In workshops, you can learn how to do a shamanic journey. More advanced participants learn how to practice transfiguration, and to explore specific topics such as how to live with an open heart.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact me at my e-mail address.