Clearing Interior Spaces

Clearing Interior Spaces

Whether you live in an apartment or house or a room, you can perform a ceremony to clear the space of any “old” or “no longer needed or wanted” energies. You can do this when you move into a new space, or if you already live in the space.

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Prior to your Ceremony

What I would suggest you obtain prior to your ceremony:

1) Sage or sweetgrass (or both) and a container such as a ceramic bowl or seashell (like abalone) for the sage or sweetgrass, and if the space allows for smoke, matchsticks and a feather that appeals to you. Sage is a great purifier. I prefer the scent of white sage. Here is one example available through Amazon.

If you are sensitive to sage or sweetgrass, then try lavender. You can use a lavender room mist in place of sage.

2) Consider whether you would like to play drums or any musical instrument, or shake a rattle (you can use a bottle of pills such as aspirin as a substitute for a rattle), or play a lovely piece of music.
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Among drumming music, I prefer multiple drums, such as this one.

3) You may also like to conclude your ceremony by placing large salt crystals in a bowl or dry surface by the entrance and on window ledges. Salt is a powerful purifier and cleansing agent. Here is an example.

Amazon offers a kit that you may prefer.

Before starting your ceremony, please ask all other inhabitants and guests (people and animals) to leave the space you are clearing for a short time while you perform your ceremony.

Before, during and after this heart-felt ceremony, you can play an instrument, shake a rattle, or if you prefer, play a recorded piece of lovely music. If you like to sing, consider singing.


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Begin by rattling, drumming or playing an instrument or recorded music with special heartfelt meaning to you. You might want to sing as well.

In the heart of the space or what you consider as the center of the space, speaking out loud and with great sincerity, invite all old energies to leave the space and move on to places and realms that are in their highest and best interest, explaining that these energies are no longer needed in this space.

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Take your sage or sweetgrass, and if no smoke is allowed, just blow on the sage with your breath, or, if you have a feather, wave the feather over the sage, spreading the scent into the air. Alternatively, use your lavender room mist instead. Face each wall of your space, stating your intention of purifying the space of all no longer needed energies. You may also choose to go each area of the space, or to each room, use your sage, sweetgrass or lavender room spray while stating and holding the same intention.

Now that the space is purified, state out loud that you invite into the space only the most positive and beneficial energies. Remember to state that you are doing this on behalf of all the people and animals living with you in this space.

State out loud that you promise to take care of the space. Whether you are renting or owning, it does not matter. You are committed to taking care of the space.

Then, holding the intention of cleansing all energies that enter the space, place a large salt crystal or smaller salt crystals in each direction of the house, such as on a window ledge (but away from water) and near the entrance.

Conclude with welcoming in the positive and beneficial energies, and express your gratitude for their presence. Then play music, whether drumming or rattling or another instrument, or recorded music, or sing.

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After your ceremony

When this is done, leave the space and wait a bit. Then re-enter the space, inviting all the inhabitants back in, showing them the salt crystals and explaining to them what the salt crystals are for. They are cleansing all energies that enter the space, and act as protection against unwanted energies from entering your space.

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  1. Delainie says:

    Hello Anne,

    This is wonderful! I already use sage. But, I have never welcomed in the positive energies. So, that was especially warming to me. I will be in touch shortly. I will definitely try this technique. Thank you and your guides for all of your help.


    • annebmorgan says:

      Dear Delainie,

      Lovely to hear from you! Let me know your space feels after you have welcomed in all positive energies for you and for all who share your space.

      With many blessings!

  2. Cara says:

    Hello, Anne, I have just found your website and the lovely photos of Eloise. We have owned her home, the Oasis for two years. I would love to connect with you and hear more about Eloise….

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