Foam Healing

Foam Healing

For the first time in many months of sporadic visits to the ocean, I see, to my delight, small mounds of foam by the water’s edge. Their iridescent bubbles shimmer in the breeze and shift form when the saltwater touches them. As the tide recedes, they remain as offerings from the sea to the sand- ephemeral in our human eyes, which makes them that much more precious in this moment.

I run my feet very gently and slowly through the first foam mound. It feels warmer than the air and profoundly gentle. I sink into this sensation of gentleness and feel enveloped by the warmth. This foam is what I aspire to be like- toward myself and towards others. There is such power in that gentleness- I melt into it.

And then overcome with the enjoyment of it, I turn to the next mound and then the next.

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  1. James says:

    Looks just gorgeous Anne- Lizzie would love that, and I’m sure she is with you❤️

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