Have you ever played the game, “what creature would you choose to be if you were not born a human being?” Or another one: “If you were born with one major talent, what would you wish it to be?” Spoiler alert: my answers were swift: I would choose to be a bird with the freedom to fly anywhere; to soar; to look down from above on an ever-unfolding expansive view; with no motion sickness. For my major talent, I would choose to be a gifted musician. Having been born into a family whose members all have a natural ability to play the piano or the violin-viola, I always felt the odd duck out with my simple guitar. How marvelous to imagine a future existence as a virtuoso guitar-playing, high-flying bird! 

When asked, if you climb to the top of a mountain, what would you toss? “Glitter,” I blurt out. Glitter?? My life-partner Brent stares at me as if I had just grown two heads. Never would he have imagined that I, or indeed anyone, would ever pick glitter to toss! He would toss a balsa wood glider.

What a magical way to celebrate the mountain, the glorious vista, the feeling of oneness with the rocks on which I stand, the trees below, the air thinned by height yet gloriously refreshing, the sky, the earth, the sunlight! A symbiosis of all the components into one delicious whole. 

A little glitter to be playful with, to delight in, reminds me of spontaneity, brightness, lightness, and a way of being both light and light-filled, with vivid colors reflecting the many brilliant colors in nature. To laugh with being, to celebrate, to be filled with joy.

What would you toss?

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  1. Cristina says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for your inspiration, freedom and glorious vistas. I would toss sparkles of rainbow light…
    Much love, light and joy,

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