Inspired Reading

Inspired Reading

She Walks in Beauty: My Quest for the Bigger Picture
By Jim McCarty with Dave Thompson 

Vivid descriptions of an eclectic spiritual journey throughout a highly creative life gave me a much deeper understanding of a well-known rock and roll musician’s life-long explorations in musical expression as well as spiritual directions and traditions. Jim McCarty was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 as the drummer of The Yardbirds. Early fame pushed Jim to create his own music and songs. While on my healing journey, I listened to his 2018 solo album Walking in the Wild Land countless times. It was such an inspiration that I listed it on my Sources of Inspiration page

Jim’s book resonated with me on a deeply personal level. The worst day of Jim’s life was when his wife Elisabeth, known as Lizzie to friends and family, died on June 7, 2020, after almost two years of dealing with a surprising sarcoma diagnosis. She was one of my closest friends and had been very encouraging and supportive when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer over a year and a half before her own diagnosis.

What I found remarkable in Jim’s book were details about his passage through grief and the spiritual explorations that led him to a conviction of direct communications with Lizzie in Spirit.

Who would I recommend this book to?

  • To all those who love Rock & Roll
  • To all exploring spiritual dimensions of our existence
  • To all who have lost a spouse or partner

You might also enjoy watching or listening to Suzanne Giesemann interviewing Jim about his book.

Breath of the Wind, a song written and performed by Jim McCarty, in honor of his wife Lizzie.

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    Dear Anne,

    My heartfelt congratulations on your birthday. I don’t know your email address, but I hope this message reaches you. After visiting your homepage I have a feeling that the list of activities you have not been involved in for the past decades is shorter than the list of doings you have taken. You really deserve congratulations even without your birthday!

    My warm regards also to Brent and Gael,


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