On December 12, 2016 after my second exploratory surgery, I knew that I had advanced cancer and that it was very serious with a life-threatening disease progression.  My urologist-surgeon told me as I was being wheeled into that second exploratory surgery four days prior that he had already scheduled the ‘big surgery’ for one week later. He would remove my left kidney, ureter and surrounding lymph nodes, and as much cancer as he could.

My sister and I were in my backyard.  I walked slowly on the flagstone meditation path near the Buddha statue.  As I walked, I communed with and prayed to all the Helping Spirits, to Buddha, to Jesus, to all the healing saints I knew of, while completely letting go of all expectations of a positive outcome. It was a moment of complete surrender.

 My sister took this spontaneous photo as I walked.  The wintery sun was angled from the South. There was nothing in the material world that could have caused this rainbow light from the East to shine directly on to the area where the operation would occur and where the cancer was located.  She did not see the rainbow light through her viewfinder.

I keep this photo so I see it daily.  To me, this extraordinary rainbow light is Spirit’s answer- all deep healing comes from Spirit. Trust…

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